Cell4Pharma tackles your ADME-tox issues based upon their ciPTEC platforms

Cell4Pharma’s mission is to lower drug failure during the clinical phase of drug development due to kidney toxicity.

They envision a world without a risk for renal toxicity for compounds entering clinical stages of drug development. Cell4Pharma aims to reduce the failure rate in late clinical stages due to renal tox below 3% market wide within the next 10 years. Without the use of animal experimentation. This ambition is supported by their human renal cell lines; ciPTEC, validated during extensive collaborations with the pharmaceutical industry. More than 10 years of research lead to the development of robust cell-based assays focusing on the detection of highly specific biomarkers for renal toxicity. ciPTEC consists of three cell lines.

  • ciPTEC expresses the most relevant renal drug transporters endogenously.
  • ciPTEC is an excellent tool to predict pharmaco-kinetics, drug interactions and renal toxicity for potential pharmaceutical compounds.
  • ciPTEC is a highly stable human cell line with maintained tubular characteristics and transporter functionality.

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