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Recombinant growth factors, cytokines from multiple species (e.g. human, bovine) covering a wide range of areas of interest: iPSCs, MSCs, Immune cells.

Core Biogenesis, Strasbourg, France-, provides next-generation recombinant proteins for stem cell research and cell manufacturing industries. Rooted by the principles of the bioeconomy, the company delivers its exclusive Ultra-Scalable Biomanufacturing as a Service (UBaaS) platform for the benefit of scientists. Core Biogenesis portfolio consists of recombinant growth factors and cytokines from multiple species (e.g. human, bovine) covering a wide range of areas of interest: iPSCs, MSCs, Immune cells.

These products are expressed and manufactured under the company´s proprietary bioproduction platform using the plant system camelina sativa. They come with the following specifications:

  • Highly pure and bioactive products: purities >95% and EC50 values between 0.5-1ng/mL
  • Biosafety risk free: sterile and endotoxin-free
  • Animal-derived component free
  • Cost savings: 30-50% cheaper compared to market standards
  • Large scale availability
  • Supply chain security
  • Manufactured under sustainable practices

Product highlight

Recombinant FGF-2 available in “wild type” and FGF-2 STAB® versions. The latest, is a thermostable FGF-2 engineered sequence, which increases the half-life of the protein from 12hrs (WT) to 7 days (FGF-2 STAB®). Thanks to its benefits for stem cell proliferation, phenotype homogeneity, and cost-savings, this product is becoming the new gold-standard for iPSC research and manufacturing applications.

Core Biogenesis is dedicated to improving our present and future lives by re-connecting scientific advancements to natural resources, and ensuring scalability, sustainability and worldwide accessibility to the science and medicines that will define the future of health. Established from scientific rigor and entrepreneurial vision, the fast-growing team is fostered by diversity and inclusion in science, business, and technology, and is fully devoted to help those making the world a better place, through the discovery of novel treatments for life devastating diseases.

Core Biogenesis’ USPs

  • Plant-derived – eco-friendly production process reduces carbon emissions and energy consumption
  • 100% animal-free – manfactured and tested strictly without the use of animal components
  • Unprecidented scalability – paradigm shift in recombinant protein production producing G and KG’s reducing costs of goods supporting your value chain

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