Kits and products for drug screening, signal transduction and cytoskeletal research

Cytoskeleton offers a wide range of kits and products for drug screening, signal transduction and cytoskeletal research. They are specialized in the production of purified proteins and easy-to-use kits to study biochemical and cellular processes. Their kits are either made for smaller number of samples for use in basic research or small screens (Biochem Kits™) or in a high throughput scale for large screens (CytoDYNAMIX Screens™).

In addition to Cytoskeleton existing products, they also provide drug screening services for microtubules, tubulin, motor proteins, small G-protein effectors, GAPs, GEFs and several other proteins in their product line.

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Major product lines from Cytoskeleton

  • Actin research tools
  • Antibodies
  • Custom services
  • ECM proteins
  • GOBlot™ western blot processor
  • Live cell imaging reagents
  • Signal seeker kits and proteins
  • Small GTPase activation assays
  • Tubulin and FtsZ tools

Popular products

Laminin HiLyte488 (mouse tumor) (LMN02-A)
Rho activator II (CN03-A)
Tubulin (HiLyte 647TM dye labeled, porcine, micro-injctn) (TL670M-B)
Fibronectin Rhodamine (bovine plasma) (FNR01-A)
Rac1 G-LISA Activation Assay Kit (BK128)
Tubulin Polymerization Assay (BK011P)
Rac1 Pulldown Activation Assay Kit (BK035-S)
Actin protein (human platelet non-muscle, >99% pure) (APHL99-C)
MemGlow 488 – Fluorogenic Plasma Membrane probe ex 499 em 507 250-1500 slides (MEMBRIGHT Family Probe) (MG01-10)
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Total RhoA ELISA Kit

Measures the total amount of RhoA in a sample of tissue or cell culture extract. Uses a sandwich ELISA to create the high specificity and sensitivity combination. 10-25 µl sample volume. Key components included are:

  • 96-well anti-Rho binding plate, contains IgY pre-coated surfaces
  • HRP detection reagents
  • Optimized sample dilution buffer
  • Primary and secondary antibodies
  • RhoA control protein included
  • Comprehensive manual
Total RhoA ELISA (BK150)
RhoA ELISA Kit results. The plot indicates the linear dependence of the OD490nm absorbance with the concentration of RhoA.

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