Invent Biotechnologies

Inventor of spin-column-based protein extraction and cell fractionation

Founded in 2010, Invent Biotechnologies is recognized worldwide for having revolutionized protein extraction and cell fractionation. As the inventor of a range of spin column-based disruptive technologies for protein research, they offer a simpler, smarter approach to sample preparation.

This translates to streamlined workflows and more consistent results, providing superior data quality. By choosing their Minute™ kits for protein extraction and cell fractionation, researchers can be confident that their samples accurately represent the endogenous profile of the cells or tissue under investigation. Requiring only a benchtop centrifuge, Minute™ kits minimize experimental variables and deliver uncompromised material for more reliable data. The success of the Minute™ approach is evidenced by a growing number of publications, including citations in Nature, Science and Cell.

The Minute™ benefits

  • Super-fast (as quick as 1 minute)
  • Small sample size
  • Complete profile
  • Unaltered endogenous baseline
  • All living organism and tissue types

The Minute™ applications

  • Protein trafficking/translocation
  • Protein-protein interaction
  • Protein modification
  • Signal transduction
  • Daily protein analysis

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