Medicover Genetics

Genetic tests for different life stages and for predictive and diagnostic testing

Medicover Public Company LTD (formerly NIPD Genetics Public Company LTD) is a leading innovative biotechnology company based in Cyprus, active in the field of designing, developing, producing and providing in vitro genetic testing solutions. Medicover Genetics’ proprietary technology platform and bioinformatics solutions cover all types of genetic conditions in any part of the human genome and apply to many applications from routine DNA analysis to complex, proprietary non-invasive testing solutions like NIPT and Liquid Biopsy. Medicover Genetics offers advanced genetic testing services in over 30 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Medicover Genetics is part of Medicover, a leading international healthcare and diagnostic services company founded in 1995 and listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (

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Major product lines from Medicover Genetics

  • Genetic tests

Top products

TarCET Metabolic Kit (ET101-00-2016)
TarCET PGT Kit (ET102-00-2016)
TarCET Aortopathy Kit (ET103-00-2016)
TarCET Arrhythmia Kit (ET104-00-2016)
TarCET Cardiomyopathy Kit (ET105-00-2016)
TarCET Congenital Heart Defects Kit (ET106-00-2016)
TarCET FH, PH and RAS Kit (ET107-00-2016)
TarCET Cardiac Comprehensive Kit (ET110-00-2016)
TarCET Hereditary Cancer Kit (ET111-00-2016)
TarCET Infertility Kit (ET112-00-2016)
TarCET Neonatal Kit (ET113-00-2016)
TarCET Carrier Screening Core Kit (ET114-00-2016)
TarCET Carrier Screening Comprehensive Kit (ET115-00-2016)
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