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We are specialized in the distribution of life science and diagnostic reagents

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For over 15 years, Bio-Connect is a dynamic company specialized in the import and distribution of life science and diagnostics reagents in the Benelux. We fulfill the position as a preferred supplier in the academic and industrial market. Our team consist of highly skilled and experienced personnel including in-house technical support ‚Äčto actively assist the researchers.

We work with suppliers around the world to ensure you receive the products you need for your research. Our customers are situated primarily in the life science, medical and clinical research departments. Within universities, (teaching) hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotech industry, as well as semi-government research institutes.

Bio-Connect divisions

The Bio-Connect Group has three divisions: Life Sciences, Diagnostics and Services. Each division has specific product lines, suppliers and expertise.

Bio-Connect wants to be the premier source for all your product needs. You have the possibility to order all research products from one source and still benefit from the specific expertise within each division. It also enables us to maintain a personal and direct approach towards our customers.

We are ISO certified

Since the establishment of Bio-Connect we have spent a lot of time and energy implementing a good quality system. This was rewarded in January 2009 with the ISO 9001 certification. A new version of the standard has been launched which replaces the old version. We are proud that our quality system since 2017 also meets the new standard resulting in the ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

Our intention is to limit the impact of our activities on the environment as much as possible for which we have set up an environmental management system in 2017 that was rewarded with the ISO 14001: 2015 certification. Something that we are very happy with!

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