17 February 2022

1,200 new polyclonal antibodies for tissue and cell analysis

Triple A Polyclonals are rabbit polyclonals manufactured by Atlas Antibodies and developed within the Human Protein Atlas project. They are validated for use in IHC, ICC-IF and WB. Available as 25-100 ┬Ál size.

Atlas Antibodies continuously updates its antibody portfolio with highly validated products for research use. The newly released Triple A Polyclonals cover research areas such as cancer, cell biology, immunology, metabolism, neuroscience, transcriptional regulation, stem cells & developmental biology.

Anti-PLA2G16 (HPA011749)
Anti-RGN (HPA029104)
Anti-ICOS (HPA034865)
Anti-TSLP (HPA056350)
Anti-COIL (HPA057480)
Anti-EFCAB12 (HPA057532)
Anti-CAMKK2 (HPA063713)
Anti-PDGFA (HPA065024)
Anti-FGF2 (HPA065502)
Anti-CDC73 (HPA069324)
Anti-EFNA1 (HPA069549)
Anti-NTS (HPA071012)
Anti-FLT4 (HPA074389)
Anti-GALR1 (HPA074584)
Anti-NTRK2 (HPA074873)
Anti-S100P (HPA075251)
Anti-IPP (HPA075545)
Anti-NHLRC4 (HPA077301)
Anti-SLC7A1 (HPA077838)
Anti-MLKL (HPA078638)
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1,200 new polyclonal antibodies for tissue and cell analysis

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