17 August 2021

Antibodies for influenza A and B nucleoprotein

Recombinant nucleoprotein antibodies with a low picomolar range sensitivity

Influenza A and B viruses are two viruses that have caused seasonal influenza, epidemics, and even pandemic for Influenza A. As the COVID-19 pandemic is not ended yet, during the upcoming influenza season, patients with acute respiratory symptoms will be tested for SARS-CoV-2 and influenza in parallel. The moderate sensitivity has been an issue for influenza rapid tests, and therefore new antibody materials are in demand.

GeneTex has released three clones, each for influenza A and B nucleoproteins. The nucleoprotein is conserved in different variants and therefore a suitable target for detecting the virus antigen. GeneTex’s nucleoprotein antibodies have been tested for sandwich ELISA using recombinant nucleoproteins, and showed a low picomolar range sensitivity. The Flu A pairs can detect at least 16 strains of virus lysates, and the Flu B pairs have been tested on 7 strains of virus lysates. The influenza A antibodies showed no cross reactivity to influenza B, and the influenza B antibodies showed no cross reactivity to influenza A.

Influenza A & B virus nucleoprotein antibodies

Influenza A virus Nucleoprotein antibody [HL1103] (GTX636318)
Influenza A virus Nucleoprotein antibody [HL1078] (GTX636199)
Influenza A virus Nucleoprotein antibody [HL1089] (GTX636247)
Influenza B virus Nucleoprotein antibody [HL1068] (GTX636099)
Influenza B virus Nucleoprotein antibody [HL1073] (GTX636194)
Influenza B virus Nucleoprotein antibody [HL1069] (GTX636100)

Other infectious disease products by GeneTex

A virus is a small infectious agent that occurs in the gray area between “living” and “non-living” entities. Unlike most bacteria, fungi or parasites, viruses are completely dependent on the host cell for their replication, hijacking the cell’s biochemical machinery through the action of viral genome-encoded factors. The basic structure of the viral particle includes the DNA or RNA genome in a protein coat, or capsid. For some viruses, this capsid is enclosed in a lipid envelope usually from the host cell membrane. Attachment of a virus to a specific receptor on a host cell leads to internalization and often the start of a new round of viral replication.

There are more than 200 types of viruses that can infect humans, in addition many others that affect humanity by targeting animals and plants used by people. This list of viral pathogens includes influenza viruses, dengue virus, enterovirus (EV71, EV68, and coxsackie virus), hepatitis viruses (e.g., HCV and HBV), Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV), and Zika virus. GeneTex offers a comprehensive portfolio of antibody reagents that can facilitate your research on these and other viruses.

List of infectious diseases

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Adeno-associated VirusE. coli (Escherichia coli)Influenza virusPseudomonas
AdenovirusEbola VirusJapanese Encephalitis VirusRabies virus
AspergillusEBVLegionella pneumophilaRespiratory Syncytial Virus
Bacillus anthracis (Anthrax)EnterococcusLeptospira biflexaRotavirus
Bacillus sporesEnterovirus 70Listeria monocytogenesRubella virus
Bordetella pertussisEnterovirus 71Listeria sp.Salmonella
Borrelia burgdorferiEnterovirus D68Marburg virusSARS-CoV
Campylobacter jejuniFeline Immunodeficiency VirusMarek Disease VirusSARS-CoV-2
Candida albicansFeline Leukemia VirusMERS-CoVShigella
Canine Distemper virusFlavivirusMetapneumovirusStaphylococcus aureus
Canine HeartwormGiardia lambliaMycobacterium tuberculosisStreptococcus
Canine parvovirusHantavirusMycoplasma pneumoniaeToxoplasma gondii
Chikungunya VirusHelicobacter PyloriNeisseria gonorrhoeaeTreponema pallidum
Chlamydia trachomatisHepatitis A VirusNeisseria meningitidisTrichomonas foetus
Cholera ToxinHepatitis B VirusNewcastle Disease VirusTrichomonas vaginalis
Clostridium botulinumHepatitis C VirusNorovirusVaccinia virus
Clostridium difficile ToxinHerpes VirusParainfluenza virusVaricella Zoster virus
Clostridium tetani Tetanus toxinHSV1Plasmodium falciparumWest Nile Virus
CoxsackievirusHSV2Plasmodium vivaxYellow Fever Virus
Cryptosporidium parvumHSV6Pneumocystis cariniiYersinia pestis
CytomegalovirusHuman immunodeficiency virusPoliovirusZika Virus
Dengue VirusHuman Papilloma VirusPorcine circovirus
Diphtheria ToxinInfectious Bursal Disease VirusPorcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus

Antibodies for influenza A and B nucleoprotein

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