24 August 2023

Cytokine Storm ELISA kits from Cusabio

Cusabio ELISA kits are widely applied to explore the “Cytokine Storm” in COVID-19 research!

It is well documented that SARS-CoV-2 is associated with a large amount of pro-inflammatory cytokines in an event known as “Cytokine Storm”. The crux of the problem is that an overactive immune response can lead to deadly inflammation in the severity of COVID-19, and even death.

Increased Cytokines Families have been identified to play a major role in COVID-19 such as IFNs, Interleukins, TNFs etc, which are still triggering the competing interests among researchers and biopharmaceutical companies.

To fully support your research on “Cytokine Storm” in coronavirus infection, Cusabio produced the most popular Cytokines ELISA to meet needs in diverse COVID-19 research like IFNγ, IL10, IL15, IL17A, MCP1, TNFα…

Cytokine Storm ELISA kits

Human IFN-γ ELISA KIT (CSB-E04577h)
Human IL-10 ELISA KIT (CSB-E04593h)
Human IL-15 ELISA KIT (CSB-E04603h)
Human IL-17A/IL-17 ELISA KIT (CSB-E12819h)
Human IL-1β ELISA KIT (CSB-E08053h)
Human IL-2 ELISA KIT (CSB-E04626h)
Human IL-6 ELISA KIT (CSB-E04638h)
Human IL-7 ELISA KIT (CSB-E14032h)
Human IP-10 ELISA KIT (CSB-E08181h)
Human MCP-1/MCAF ELISA KIT (CSB-E04655h)
Human MIP-1α ELISA KIT (CSB-E04662h)
Human TNF-α ELISA KIT (CSB-E04740h)

Bio-Connect Diagnostics supplies all Cusabio products in the Benelux. If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk.

Cytokine Storm ELISA kits from Cusabio

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