1 September 2023

MCE Bioactive Compound Libraries

MedChem Express (MCE) One-Stop Compound Screening Platform supplies more than 200 screening libraries and a variety of compounds and phenotypic screening service.

MCE’s goal is to create a ‘One-Stop Compound Screening Platform’ suitable for scientific research, and fostering infinite possibilities for innovation. Their compound library facilitates drug screening and drug discovery!

MCE Compound Library offers a wide range of products

Compound library wide range products

Hot Screening Libraries

Cat. No.Product nameNumbers of compounds
HY-L001PBioactive Compound Library Plus20,000+ compounds
HY-L099Targeted Diversity Library2,400+ compounds
HY-L022PFDA-Approved Drug Library Plus3,000+ compounds
HY-L035PDrug Repurposing Compound Library Plus4,900+ compounds
HY-L021PNatural Product Library Plus4,500+ compounds
HY-L065Traditional Chinese Medicine Active Compound Library2,700+ compounds
HY-L030 Human Endogenous Metabolite Compound Library1,000+ compounds
HY-L012Metabolism/Protease Compound Library3,900+ compounds
HY-L028CNS-Penetrant Compound Library800+ compounds
HY-L036PCovalent Screening Library Plus3,000+ compounds
HY-L009Kinase Inhibitor Library2,800+ compounds
HY-L005Epigenetics Compound Library1,100+ compounds
HY-L025Anti-Cancer Compound Library6,800+ compounds
HY-L002Anti-Infection Compound Library2,600+ compounds
HY-L051Ferroptosis Compound Library 800+ compounds
HY-L059 Pyroptosis Compound Library 1,100+ compounds
For more compound libraries, go to: https://www.medchemexpress.com/screening-libraries

Customize your library

You can select:

  • Specific compounds
  • Quantities
  • Plate map
  • Concentration
  • Form (Dry/solid or solution)

The advantages

  • Diverse product categories and quick updates
  • Advanced compound management system
  • Rich experience in compound synthesis
  • Strict quality management system
  • Rigorous classification criteria
  • Full-process servies

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