12 January 2023

Elabscience Annexin V Apoptosis Detection kits

With these kits, you can save a lot of sample volume by using 1 Test as 2 Tests.

In the early stage of cell apoptosis, phosphatidylserine (PS), which is only distributed on the inside of the lipid bilayer of normal cell membranes, turns to the outside. Annexin V labeled with fluorescein is used as a fluorescent probe and used with nucleic acid dyes, which can accurately distinguish early apoptosis, late apoptosis and dead cells.

The Annexin V fluorescent double-stained apoptosis detection kit self-developed by Elabscience® has good stability and reliability. Elabscience Annexin V Apoptosis Detection kits can save sample volume to a great extent by using 1 Test as 2 Tests.

  • More options: 15 kinds of fluorescence and 3 kinds of nuclear dyes (PI, 7-AAD, DAPI)
  • Easy to operate: Add buffer and dye separately, it only takes 20 minutes for machine determination.
  • Quality assurance: Obvious effect of cell classification

Annexin V Apoptosis Kit

Annexin V-FITC/PI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A211)
Annexin V-FITC/7-AAD Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A212)
Annexin V-AF647/PI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A213)
Annexin V-AF647/7-AAD Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A214)
Annexin V-PE/7-AAD Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A216)
Annexin V-APC/PI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A217)
Annexin V-APC/7-AAD Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A218)
Annexin V-EGFP/PI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A219)
Annexin V-EGFP/7-AAD Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A220)
Annexin V-Cyanine5/PI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A221)
Annexin V-Cyanine5/7-AAD Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A222)
Annexin V-PE/Cyanine7/7-AAD Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A228)
Annexin V-APC/Cyanine7/PI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A229)
Annexin V-APC/Cyanine7/7-AAD Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A230)
Annexin V-EV450/PI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A233)
Annexin V-EV450/7-AAD Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A234)
Annexin V-EV500/PI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A235)
Annexin V-EV500/7-AAD Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A236)
Annexin V-AF488/PI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A237)
Annexin V-AF488/7-AAD Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A238)
Annexin V-ER780/PI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A239)
Annexin V-ER780/7-AAD Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A240)
Annexin V-FITC/DAPI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A252)
Annexin V-AF647/DAPI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A254)
Annexin V-PE/DAPI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A256)
Annexin V-APC/DAPI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A258)
Annexin V-EGFP/DAPI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A260)
Annexin V-Cyanine5/DAPI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A262)
Annexin V-PE/Cyanine5/DAPI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A264)
Annexin V-PE/Cyanine5.5/DAPI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A266)
Annexin V-PE/Cyanine7/DAPI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A268)
Annexin V-APC/Cyanine7/DAPI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A270)
Annexin V-PE/TR/DAPI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A272)
Annexin V-AF488/DAPI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A278)
Annexin V-ER780/DAPI Apoptosis Kit (E-CK-A280)

Annexin V-Labeling Powder

Annexin V-Biotin Azide-Free Lyophilized Powder (E-CK-A110U)
Annexin V-FITC Azide-Free Lyophilized Powder (E-CK-A111U)
Annexin V-AF647 Azide-Free Lyophilized Powder (E-CK-A113U)
Annexin V-EGFP Azide-Free Lyophilized Powder (E-CK-A119U)
Annexin V-EV450 Azide-Free Lyophilized Powder (E-CK-A133U)
Annexin V-EV500 Azide-Free Lyophilized Powder (E-CK-A135U)
Annexin V-AF488 Azide-Free Lyophilized Powder (E-CK-A137U)

Annexin V-Labeling Reagent

Annexin V-Biotin Reagent (E-CK-A110)
Annexin V-FITC Reagent (E-CK-A111)
Annexin V-AF647 Reagent (E-CK-A113)
Annexin V-PE Reagent (E-CK-A115)
Annexin V-APC Reagent (E-CK-A117)
Annexin V-EGFP Reagent (E-CK-A119)
Annexin V-Cyanine5 Reagent (E-CK-A121)
Annexin V-PE/Cyanine5 Reagent (E-CK-A123)
Annexin V-PE/Cyanine5.5 Reagent (E-CK-A125)
Annexin V-PE/Cyanine7 Reagent (E-CK-A127)
Annexin V-APC/Cyanine7 Reagent (E-CK-A129)
Annexin V-PE/TR Reagent (E-CK-A131)
Annexin V-EV450 Reagent (E-CK-A133)
Annexin V-EV500 Reagent (E-CK-A135)
Annexin V-AF488 Reagent (E-CK-A137)
Annexin V-ER780 Reagent (E-CK-A139)

Annexin V Binding Buffer

Annexin V Binding Buffer (10×) (E-CK-A151)

Nuclear dye

Propidium Iodide (PI) Staining Solution (50μg/mL) (E-CK-A161)
7-AAD Viability Staining Solution (100μg/mL) (E-CK-A162)
DAPI Staining Solution (25μg/mL) (E-CK-A163)


The Annexin V kits have been cited in research papers published in journals with high impact factor (IF). Excellent choice for apoptosis experiments!

  • Jiang M, Qi F, Zhang K, et al. MARCKSL1-2 reverses docetaxel-resistance of lung adenocarcinoma cells by recruiting SUZ12 to suppress HDAC1 and elevate miR-200b. Mol Cancer. 2022;21(1):150.
  • Lei Y, Zhao H, Wu Y, et al. Phytochemical natural killer cells reprogram tumor microenvironment for potent immunotherapy of solid tumors. Biomaterials. 2022;287:121635.
  • Dou L, Liu H, Wang K, et al. Albumin binding revitalizes NQO1 bioactivatable drugs as novel therapeutics for pancreatic cancer. J Control Release. 2022;349:876-889.
  • Shaoyong W, Liu Y, Xu B, et al. Exposure to BDE-47 causes female infertility risk and induces oxidative stress and lipotoxicity-mediated ovarian hormone secretion disruption in mice. Sci Total Environ. 2022;842:156885.

Bio-Connect Diagnostics supplies all Elabscience products in the Benelux. If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk.

Elabscience Annexin V Apoptosis Detection kits

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