27 June 2021

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Customized service from Sino Biological based on your specific needs

As the one-stop biological solution provider, Sino Biological offers comprehensive and up-to-date CRO services, including the recombinant protein production service, antibody production & development service and related bioanalytical services. They will customize their service based on your specific need.

If you would like to use any of their services, please contact our technical support.

Recombinant antibody production services

Sino Biological’s core strength is its in-house developed mammalian cell culture and recombinant expression platforms. The company provides a variety of packages for customers who need antibody expression services.


  • HTP capabilities from gene synthesis to purified antibodies
  • >10 years of experience in antibody production
  • Flexible production scale ranging from 0.05mg – 5mg
  • Fast delivery of purified antibodies to support screening projects
  • Superior quality with high purity and low endotoxin level
  • Cost-effective and with competitive pricing

Service details

Gene synthesis;
Vector construction;
Sequencing confirmation;
Plasmid preparation;
Transient transfection of HEK293/CHO cells;
Purification and QC analysis;
Additional analysis (optional) 
Purified antibodies;
Antibody gene in commercial vectors (optional)
Note: Standard analysis: concentration determined by UV; purity determined by SDS-PAGE. Optional analysis: SEC-HPLC, Endotoxin test, ELISA, FACS, Affinity by Octet/Biacore and more.

Unique superiority

  • High quality
    – Monomer purity >99.9%
    – Endotoxin level <0.01EU/mg
    – Comprehensive QC analysis ability: ELISA, FACS, SEC-HPLC, LC-MS/MS, Affinity by OCTET…
  • Extensive experience
    – Various types: full mAb, Chimeric, scFv, Fab, Bispecific, Isotype Switching, multi-chain co-transfection expression
    – Various species: Human, Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, Canine
    – Various isotypes: IgG, IgA, IgM, IgE

Scale-up recombinant antibody production

Timeline3-5 weeks6-8 weeks8-12 weeks

Custom antibody development services

Sino Biological has years of experience in antibody development and production, and is committed to providing scientific research institutions and pharmaceutical companies with one stop services including antigen production, antibody development, ELISA kit development, antibody detection and production, hybridoma antibody gene sequencing, chimeric antibody and antibody fragment expression, antibody humanization, antibody affinity maturation, anti-idiotype antibody and bispecific antibody production services.

  • Free antigen evaluation & immunization scheme design
  • Speedy immunization option (mouse/rabbit): as fast as 5 weeks!
  • Versatile antibody screening platform to obtain as many clones as possible that meet customer standards
  • Integrated service packages (hybridoma sequencing, recombinant antibody production, etc.)

Service list

Mouse monoclonal antibody development1. Positive clones
2. Purified antibodies
4-6 months
Rabbit monoclonal antibody development1. Antibody H and L chains sequences
2. Purified antibodies
4-6 months
Rabbit polyclonal antibody development (Protein A/G purification or antigen affinity purification)1. Purified antibodies
2. ELISA detection result
11-14 weeks (from immunization to purification)
ELISA kit developmentELISA kit6-12 weeks (from purified antibodies to ELISA kit)
Antibody gene sequencing from hybridoma cells1. Antibody H and L chains gene sequences
2. Commercial vector cloned with antibody H and L chains gene
3-4 weeks
Recombinant antibody productionPurified antibodies4-6 weeks

Antibody development platforms

  • Mouse mAb Development (Hybridoma)
  • Single B-cell Based Platform
  • Rabbit mAb Development Naïve Human Antibody Library Screening (Phage Display)
  • Rabbit pAb Development

Workflow of antibody development

Workflow of antibody development
Custom Antibody Development Services

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