2 June 2022

Introducing the Svar Complement Excellence Award

Svar Life Science is proud to announce the creation of a new award for researchers within the complement field.

The prize for this year will be presented at the European Complement Network (ECN) meeting in Bern in August, where two nominees selected by the Svar Complement Excellence Award committee will each receive a research grant of €20,000. Out of the total amount, €2,000 can be set aside to celebrate with the rest of the team, provided this complies with local laws and regulations.

Starting next year, an annually awarded grant of up to €50,000 will be divided between two or more distinguished researchers. These price ceremonies will alternate between meetings hosted by the International Complement Society (ICS) and ECN. For 2023 and onward, there will be a web form where people can make suggestions for candidates that they feel are worthy of the award.

The award committee, which consists of a group of complement experts from academia and the industry, will evaluate the applications and create a shortlist of candidates who will be invited to submit a short video presentation of their work. The videos of the successful candidates will be made public following the presentation of the winners at ICS or ECN meetings.

The complement system is a crucial part of the innate immune response. Given its important role in many human disorders, complement activation studies are essential in a wide range of applications – from drug development and medical device safety to clinical diagnostics and basic research.

Svar Life Science has over 15 years of experience in complement system assay development. Their complement system assays has been developed by their experienced scientists in close collaboration with key opinion leaders to yield sensitive, reliable, and easy-to-use products for the exploration of most aspects of the complement system.

We hope that the Svar Complement Excellence Award will serve to increase the awareness of the complement system and help fund important research that increases our understanding of this essential part of the immune system.

Introducing the Svar Complement Excellence Award

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