31 March 2022

New antibodies for exploring the glioma tumor microenvironment

Atlas Antibodies continuously updates its antibody portfolio with highly validated antibodies for use in glioma research.

Gliomas are one of the most aggressive and lethal solid tumors of the central nervous system. The identification of molecular biomarkers is unquestionably urgent for an accurate prognosis and development of critical therapeutic targets in gliomas.

Figure 1: Understanding the dynamic glioma tumor microenvironment is necessary for the development of new immunotherapeutic strategies.

The glioma tumor microenvironment

The dynamic communication between tumor cells and the surrounding tumor microenvironment (TME) plays a crucial role in the sustained growth, proliferation, and invasion of gliomas, survival, evasion of cell death, metabolism, migration, and metastasis. Many of these mechansims are interdependent and carry specific molecular signatures.

Figure 2: The image shows a fluorescence immunohistochemistry on human cortex from normal and astrocytoma samples stained with the Anti-CHI3L1 antibody AMAb91777 showing strong protein expression in astrocytoma (in green). Nuclei are counterstained by DAPI (in blue).

Atlas Antibodies has developed new PrecisA Monoclonals for tissue & cell analysis, targeting the glioma TME. The newly released monoclonals are available as 25 & 100 ┬Ál size and are validated for use in IHC, ICC-IF and WB.

Anti-ALDH1A3 (AMAb91754): Marker for mesenchymal glioma phenotype.
Anti-CHI3L1 (AMAb91777): Marker for invasion, migration and angiogenesis in glioblastoma.
Anti-EZH2 (AMAb91752): Marker for glioma stem cells
Anti-FOXM1 (AMAb91766): Marker for glioma progression.
Anti-GLI1 (AMAb91773): Marker for cancer cell migration.
Anti-ID1 (AMAb91757): Marker for glioblastoma initiation and chemoresistance.
Anti-NF1 (AMAb91741): Marker for immunomodulation.
Anti-PTEN (AMAb91735): Marker for mesenchymal phenotype.
Anti-POSTN (AMAb91763): Marker for cancer stem cell maintenance and metastasis.
Anti-RBFOX3 (AMAb91746): Marker for neural glyoma phenotype.
Anti-SALL4 (AMAb91769): Marker for maintenance and renewal of stem cells.

New antibodies for exploring the glioma tumor microenvironment

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