5 November 2012

QuickTiter™ Lentivirus Titer – Quantitation Kits

Cell Biolabs offers multiple assays to determine the physical titer of your lentivirus

Measuring lentiviral titer is important prior to infection of your target cells, and one of the most published methods is the p24 ELISA. Cell Biolabs traditonal p24 ELISA kits provide a quick, convenient way to quantify the concentration of your lentivirus. Individual kits are available to measure either HIV-1 or FIV concentrations.

One disadvantage of using a traditional p24 ELISA to quantify lentivirus is the overexpression of p24 during lentiviral packaging. Free p24 protein may account for a substantial portion of total p24 in lentiviral supernatant. The traditional p24 ELISA detects both virus-associated p24 and free p24 generated by 293T cells during transient transfection. The QuickTiter™ Lentivirus Titer Kit minimizes the overestimation of p24 in lentivirus supernatant. The proprietary technology separates the lentivirus-associated p24 from free p24 protein prior to performing the ELISA.

If you need a very quick estimate of your lentiviral concentration, try the QuickTiter™ Lentivirus Quantitation kit. This kit specifically measures the viral nucleic acid content of purified virus or unpurified viral supernatant. This method is ideal for a quick measurement of viral titer, either before or after purification of you lentivirus.

  • More Accurate: Exclusive technology in QuickTiter™ Lentivirus Titer Kit minimizes overestimation of virus titer
  • User-Friendly: Read results on a standard microplate reader
Free p24 Does not Complex with ViraBind™ Reagents.
p24 Titer of GFP Lentiviral Supernatant.

Selection guide for QuickTiter™ quantitation & titer kits

QuickTiter Lentivirus Titer Kit (Lentivirus-Associated p24 ELISA)QuickTiter HIV Lentivirus Quantitation Kit (p24 ELISA)QuickTiter Lentivirus Quantitation Kit
Assay principlep24 ELISA with proprietary technology to separate free p24 from viral p24p24 ELISAMeasures nucleic acid content
Suitable virusesRecombinant HIV-1Recombinant or native HIV-1 or FIVHIV-1, FIV, SIV
Detection methodColorimetric (ELISA) plate readerColormetric (ELISA) plate readerFluorescence plate reader
Key benefitAccuracyMost PublishedSpeed (45-60 min.)

QuickTiter™ quantitation & titer kits

QuickTiter Lentivirus Titer Kit (Lentivirus-Associated p24 ELISA) (VPK-107)
QuickTiter HIV Lentivirus Quantitation Kit (p24 ELISA) (VPK-108-H)
QuickTiter Lentivirus Quantitation Kit (VPK-112)

QuickTiter™ Lentivirus Titer – Quantitation Kits

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