9 August 2022

RabMabs on cell adhesion

Research tools for cell adhesion by ABclonal

Cell adhesion is the process by which cells form contacts with neighboring cell through specialized protein complexes of the cell surface. It can be either direct, through cell junctions, or indirect, by attaching to the extracellular matrix (ECM), and it is essential for many cellular preocesses such as cell migration and tissue development. Cell junction forms when cell adhere to one another and it can be classified into two main types, cell-cell junctions, which are mainly mediated by cadherins, and cell-matrix junctions, which are mainly mediated by integrins, and multi-protein adhesion structures such as focal adhesions, and hemidesmosomes. Many other relevant proteins also participate in the process including immunoglobin (Ig) superfamily members and selectins. Since cell adhesion can be involved in many different signal transduction pathways, it is vital for the survival, differentiation, and migration of cells. Aberration in cell adhesion can lead to diverse pathologies, such as cancer metastasis, vascular disease, and inflammation.

Selected antibodies for cell adhesion

Rabbit monoclonal antibodies from ABclonal.

[KO Validated] CD44 Rabbit mAb (A19020)
[KO Validated] N-Cadherin Rabbit mAb (A19083)
[KO Validated] α-Catenin Rabbit mAb (A19004)
[KO Validated] β-Catenin Rabbit mAb (A19657)
Annexin A2 Rabbit mAb (A11235)
CD31/PECAM1 Rabbit mAb (A19014)
CD41/ITGA2B Rabbit mAb (A11490)
CEACAM1 Rabbit mAb (A11626)
Claudin 1 Rabbit mAb (A11530)
EpCAM Rabbit mAb (A1107)
FAK Rabbit mAb (A11131)
Galectin 1/LGALS1 Rabbit mAb (A4732)
Galectin 3/LGALS3 Rabbit mAb (A11198)
Galectin 8/LGALS8 Rabbit mAb (A4383)
ICAM-1/CD54 Rabbit mAb (A19300)
Integrin alpha 4 (ITGA4/CD49d) Rabbit mAb (A4054)
Integrin alpha 5 (ITGA5/CD49e) Rabbit mAb (A19069)
Integrin alpha 6 (ITGA6/CD49f) Rabbit mAb (A19070)
Integrin alpha V (ITGAV/CD51) Rabbit mAb (A19071)
Integrin beta 3 (ITGB3/CD61) Rabbit mAb (A19073)
Integrin beta 4 (ITGB4/CD104) Rabbit mAb (A4596)
Integrin-β1/CD29 Rabbit mAb (A19072)
K-Cadherin (CDH6) Rabbit mAb (A4689)
Laminin beta 1 Rabbit mAb (A4373)
MUC1 Rabbit mAb (A19081)
MUC2 Rabbit mAb (A4767)
Paxillin Rabbit mAb (A19100)
VCAM1 Rabbit mAb (A19131)
Vinculin Rabbit mAb (A2752)
γ-Catenin Rabbit mAb (A4157)
δ-Catenin/p120 Catenin Rabbit mAb (A11399)

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