17 May 2022

RabMabs on extracellular matrix research

Research tools for ECM regulation by ABclonal

The extracellular matrix (ECM) is a three-dimensional, non-cellular, highly dynamic structure that is present in all tissues and continuously undergoes controlled remodeling process where ECM components are deposited, degraded, or otherwise modified. Components of the ECM constantly interact with epithelial cells by serving as ligands for cell receptors such as integrins, discoidin domain receptors (DDRs), CD44 and syndecans, thereby transmitting signals that regulate adhesion, migration, proliferation, apoptosis, survival or differentiation. Abnormal ECM dynamics lead to deregulated cell proliferation and invasion, failure of cell death, and loss of cell differentiation, resulting in congenital defects and pathological processes including tissue fibrosis and cancer.

Selected antibodies for extracellular matrix research

Rabbit monoclonal antibodies from ABclonal.

[KO Validated] CD44 Rabbit mAb (A19020)
[KO Validated] MMP2 Rabbit mAb (A19080)
Cathepsin B Rabbit mAb (A19005)
Cathepsin D Rabbit mAb (A19680)
CD138/Syndecan-1 Rabbit mAb (A4174)
CD18 Rabbit mAb (A19012)
Collagen X/COL10A1 Rabbit mAb (A11645)
DDR2 Rabbit mAb (A4296)
Integrin alpha 4 (ITGA4/CD49d) Rabbit mAb (A4054)
Integrin alpha 5 (ITGA5/CD49e) Rabbit mAb (A19069)
Integrin alpha 6 (ITGA6/CD49f) Rabbit mAb (A19070)
Integrin alpha V (ITGAV/CD51) Rabbit mAb (A19071)
Integrin beta 3 (ITGB3/CD61) Rabbit mAb (A19073)
Integrin-β1/CD29 Rabbit mAb (A19072)
Laminin beta 1 Rabbit mAb (A4373)
LOX Rabbit mAb (A11504)
LOXL2 Rabbit mAb (A4708)
MMP11 Rabbit mAb (A11088)
MMP14/MT1-MMP Rabbit mAb (A0067)
MMP3 Rabbit mAb (A11418)
PAI-1/Serpin E1 Rabbit mAb (A19096)
tPA/PLAT Rabbit mAb (A4210)

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RabMabs on extracellular matrix research

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