6 January 2022

RabMabs on cancer cell proliferation

Research tools for cancer proliferation research by ABclonal

The fundamental abnormality resulting in the development of cancer is the continual unregulated proliferation of cancer cells. Rather than responding appropriately to the signals that control normal cell behavior, cancer cells grow and divide in an uncontrolled manner, invading normal tissues and organs and eventually spreading throughout the body. Ectopic receptors or kinases (e.g. Bcr-Abl, EGFR, HER2, c-Met, and Raf), constitutive activation of many signal transduction pathways (such as PI3K/Akt pathway, MAPK pathway, Wnt pathway, Hippo pathway) and transcription regulators (such as c-myc, Smads, STATs, YAP) are commonly known to be involved in cancer cell proliferation.

Selected antibodies for cancer proliferation research

Rabbit monoclonal antibodies from ABclonal.

[KO Validated] c-Myc Rabbit mAb (A19032)
[KO Validated] PTEN Rabbit mAb (A19104)
[KO Validated] Smad2 Rabbit mAb (A19114)
[KO Validated] Smad3 Rabbit mAb (A19115)
[KO Validated] Src Rabbit mAb (A19119)
[KO Validated] STAT3 Rabbit mAb (A19566)
[KO Validated] STAT5B Rabbit mAb (A19567)
[KO Validated] β-Catenin Rabbit mAb (A19657)
Ephrin B2 Rabbit mAb (A11349)
GTPase H-Ras Rabbit mAb (A19619)
HIF1β/ARNT Rabbit mAb (A19532)
p90Rsk/RSK1/RPS6KA1 Rabbit mAb (A4695)
PAK1 Rabbit mAb (A19608)
PAK2 Rabbit mAb (A4553)
PDGFRB Rabbit mAb (A19531)
Phospho-c-Jun-S63 Rabbit mAb (AP0105)
Phospho-JNK1/2/3-T183/T183/T221 Rabbit mAb (AP0631)
Phospho-mTOR-S2448 Rabbit mAb (AP0115)
Phospho-STAT1-Y701 Rabbit mAb (AP0054)
Phospho-STAT3-S727 Rabbit mAb (AP0715)
Phospho-STAT5A-Y694 Rabbit mAb (AP0758)
PIM1 Rabbit mAb (A19695)
PKC alpha Rabbit mAb (A11107)
PP1 beta Rabbit mAb (A4364)
Raf1 Rabbit mAb (A19638)
RheB Rabbit mAb (A3702)
SHP1 Rabbit mAb (A19111)
SHP2 Rabbit mAb (A19112)
STAT1 Rabbit mAb (A19563)
STAT6 Rabbit mAb (A19120)
TSC2 Rabbit mAb (A19540)
YAP1 Rabbit mAb (A19134)

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