Next Advance

Next Advance, the leading provider of laboratory instruments for the life sciences. Their products, including homogenizers, automated blot processors, rockers, pumps, and more, are engineered to meet your specific lab requirements and budgets. They enable researchers and scientists to work faster and more cost-effectively, increasing overall productivity and total bench success.

evaluates your pipette’s accuracy. Have confidence that your work is done accurately.

Major product lines

  • Bullet Blender® homogenizers - The Bullet Blender homogenizes enables you to homogenize, disrupt, or lyse up to 24 tissue or cell culture samples at a time.
  • Freedom Rocker™ BlotBot®Automated western blot processor. Simple programming interface.
  • Pipette Checkit®Rapid test of pipette accuracy where ever you are.
  • Quietek™ CO2 induction system - Just press start. Ensures affordable and humane euthanization.
  • Pressure injection cells - Pack LC/MS capillary columns and inject samples for mass spectroscopy.
  • Infinity rockers - Long life laboratory rockers with digital speed control. Custom programs available.

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