10 May 2022

Beckman Coulter RIAs: Completed tumor marker portfolio

Beckman Coulter has completed its wide portfolio of radioimmunoassays with cytokeratin markers TPS®, MonoTotal®, UBC® and TPAcyk™, originally produced and commercialized by IDL Biotech, Sweden.

By acquisition of cytokeratin assays TPS® IRMA, MonoTotal® IRMA, UBC® IRMA and TPAcyk™ IRMA, Beckman Coulter continues to strengthen its position as a global leader in the field of radioimmunoassay.

TPS® IRMA, MonoTotal® IRMA, UBC® IRMA and TPAcyk™ IRMA became an integral part of Beckman Coulter radioimmunoassay portfolio already more than a year ago, and TPS®, MonoTotal® and UBC® markers are going to be available in ELISA format as well.

Cytokeratins fragments – Clinical application

Cytokeratin fragments are produced by both normal and cancerous cells. Enhanced proliferation activity and turnover of cells results in increased release of soluble cytokeratin fragments into circulation. Thus, in contrast to classical tumor markers reflecting tumor burden, cytokeratins are markers of tumor activity.

The determination of cytokeratin fragments in human blood is useful particularly in monitoring of treatment and follow-up of different epithelial carcinomas. Combined determination of tumor burden markers and cytokeratins as markers of disease activity provides earlier and more efficient information about the disease status and its changes.

Although their main use is to monitor treatment and evaluate response to therapy, early prognostic information particularly on tumor progression and metastasis formation is also provided for several types of cancers. Cytokeratin tumor markers can accurately predict disease status sooner than conventional methods and offer a simple, non-invasive, cheap, and reliable tool for efficient disease management.

Beckman Coulter radioimmunoassay portfolio includes following markers for use in oncology

MarkerREF #No. of tests
CA-125 AntigenB64312/IM223350/100
MUC-1 (CA 15-3)B64314/IM239750/100
CA 19-9 AntigenB64313/IM315150/100
Free βhCGIM2459100
Chromogranin AC49136100
Cytokeratin 19 FragmentA5688850
PSA totalIM1950100
PSA freeIM252050
Thymidine kinaseIM194850

Bio-Connect Diagnostics supplies all Beckman Coulter radioimmunoassay in the Benelux. If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk.

Beckman Coulter RIAs: Completed tumor marker portfolio

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