30 May 2024

Bio-Connect Attends Training Session Hosted by SVAR

SVAR, a leading biotechnology company, hosted an insightful training session focused on the on Complement System, Wieslab® diagnostic services, Calpro, and their innovative iLite® cells.

Did you know that Svar means answers in Swedish? Svar provides cutting-edge products, versatile assay solutions and services that help our customers get the answers they need for their drug development or basic research projects.

Our training delved into the intricacies of the complement system, a critical component of the immune system. SVAR experts provided a comprehensive overview of the system’s pathways, mechanisms, and importance in disease and therapy.

A significant portion of the session was dedicated to SVAR’s iLite® cells.

The iLite cell-based solutions are based on iLite technology. iLite is a sophisticated cell-based assay system with a dual reporter gene readout using luciferase.

These cells play a key role in bioassays used to measure the activity of biopharmaceuticals, particularly in the context of drug development and therapeutic monitoring. The iLite technology is known for its precision, sensitivity and versatility in various applications.

Our colleagues were particularly impressed by the ease of use of the iLite cells. The cells are provided as cryopreserved, assay-ready cells that are harvested and frozen at the same time, resulting in higher reproducibility and overall superior performance compared to cells in culture. Not to mention the time and cost savings of not having to culture your cells!

Overall, our colleagues found the training extremely useful. The comprehensive coverage of the complement system, Wieslab diagnostic services, Calprotectin-based diagnostic tests, and the exploration of iLite cells has greatly enhanced our understanding and appreciation of SVAR’s product portfolio. We are now equipped with up-to-date knowledge. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please take a look at Svar’s portfolio. For more information about SVAR and their products, visit their website.

Bio-Connect Attends Training Session Hosted by SVAR

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