9 May 2023

Discover Svar’s Complement Factor P Assays

Continuing the legacy of Wieslab® Functional Complement ELISAs, Svar’s Factor P functional and quantitative assays provide powerful tools for studying the prevalence and functionality of properdin.

Svar Complement Factor P assays have been designed to provide fast, accurate, and reproducible results in studies directed toward properdin and the amplification loop. The Svar properdin assays are high-quality enzyme-linked immunoassays that utilize the same non-inhibitory capture antibodies, allowing accurate quantification prior to functional assessment – a great way to ensure that the functional results can be directly related to the properdin in the sample.

  • High reproducibility & consistent results
  • Easy sample handling
  • Strip-based ELISA
  • Highly specific – low cross-reactivity

The capture antibody used in the Factor P assays is not inhibitory – Properdin retains its function when bound to the ELISA plate, enabling you to study its function. They are flexible and easy-to-use assays in a 96-well ELISA format, allowing increased resolution to your Properdin and AP amplification loop studies.

Functional assays have played a large role in determining disease cause, and even diagnosis, in patients suffering from health conditions driven by complement dysfunction. Properdin (or Factor P) is the only known positive regulator of the Complement Alternative Pathway, inhibiting Factor H-mediated convertase dissociation and C3b inactivation, as well as stabilizing C3 and C5 convertases. The Functional (FPF) and Quantitative (FPQ) Factor P assays can be used to determine if Alternative Pathway (AP) downregulation is caused by Properdin deficiency or dysfunction – providing a higher resolution of results than a standard AP functional assay.

Complement Factor P Functional Assay – the first of its kind for functional assessment of Properdin The central role of Properdin in complement regulation modulation makes it an interesting target for research as well as for the development of complement-targeting drugs. The non-inhibitory capture antibody in Svar’s novel functional assay provides an opportunity to assess the stabilizing effect of this complement protein and to assess the activity of the C3-convertase, which assembles on the captured properdin in vitro.

Discover Svar’s Complement Factor P Assays

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