7 June 2022

Case Study: Bridging Anti-CHO Host Cell Protein Antibodies

Bridging Anti-CHO HCP Antibodies from two Cygnus CHO HCP ELISA Kits by AAE-MS™ – This case study presents Ab coverage comparison of polyclonal antibodies supporting the original F550 vs. the resupply F550-1.

Cygnus Technologies has performed an antibody coverage bridging study between the F550 and F550-1 versions of their 3rd generation CHO ELISA kits by Antibody AffinityExtraction (AAE™) with host cell protein (HCP) detection by LC-MS (AAE-MS). The immunoreactivity between F550 and F550-1 antibodies against the CHO master antigen (CMA) HCPs was 97% and 97%, respectively. F550-1 has comparable reactivity to most HCPs such as Phospholipase B Like 2 (PLBL-2), Lysosomal Phospholipase A2 (LPA2), Lipoprotein Lipase (LPL), and Serine protease (HTRA1) and other “problematic” HCPs by fold enrichment, and identical peptides were detected as compared to F550. The F550-1 CHO 3G ELISA kit has equivalent antibody coverage as the F550 kit and is a suitable replacement for the F550 HCP ELISA kit.

Case Study: Bridging Anti-CHO Host Cell Protein Antibodies

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