5 September 2022

MCE-global supplier of high-quality compound libraries

MCE offers 130+ bioactive compound libraries and customized libraries. Safety and effectiveness of the compounds have been validated by literature, patent reports and clinical research.

MedChem Express (MCE) provides 130+ ready-to-use bioactive compound libraries (15,000+ bioactive compounds), drug-like compound libraries (50,000 drug-like compounds) and fragment libraries (18,000+ fragments). MCE libraries include FDA-approved compounds as well as unique and novel compounds providing scope for wide range of new and repurposing-based drug discovery. MCE customized libraries are also available.

Advantages of MCE libraries

  • Diverse biological activities: 15,000+ compounds cover 500+ different targets and 20+ hot signaling pathways.
  • Perfect product management system: Compound library preparation is automated and all products can be traced to avoid human error.
  • Powerful data management system: All bioactive compounds are supplied with detailed bioactivity information and physicochemical properties information.
  • Strict Quality Management System: Certified by ISO 9001 quality management system, with state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facilities, strict quality control and verification system.
  • Peer Scientists Recognition: Cited in 23,000+ publications including CNS series.

Newly launched screening libraries in 2022

CatNoProduct name
HY-L099Targeted Diversity Library
HY-L100Tumorigenesis Related Compound Library
HY-L101Anti-Liver Cancer Compound Library
HY-L102Rare Diseases Drug Library
HY-L103Anti-Colorectal Cancer Compound Library
HY-L104Children’s Drug Library
HY-L105Peptide Library
HY-L107Anti-Cancer Natural Product Library
HY-L108Antidepressant Compound Library
HY-L109Protein-protein Interaction Inhibitor Library
HY-L110Cyclic Peptide Library
HY-L111Novel Bioactive Compound Library
HY-L112Chemotherapy Drug Library
HY-L113Antiviral Traditional Chinese Medicine Active Compound Library
HY-L114Anti-inflammatory Traditional Chinese Medicine Active Compound Library
HY-L115Plant-Sourced Natural Product Library
HY-L116EMA-Approved Drug Library
HY-L117Calcium Channel Blocker Library
HY-L118Sodium Channel Blocker Library
HY-L119Potassium channel compound library
HY-L120GABA Receptor Compound Library
HY-L1215-HT Receptor Compound Library
HY-L122FDA-approved Anticancer Drug Library
HY-L123Human Metabolite Library

MCE-global supplier of high-quality compound libraries

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