6 November 2012

ChemCruz™ biochemicals

175,000 unique biochemicals including buffers, stains, dyes & probes for research applications.

Santa Cruz Biotechnology offers over 175,000 specialty biochemicals under their ChemCruz™ brand. The ChemCruz™ line includes a broad range of biochemicals selected for biomedical, life science, molecular biology, and proteomics research applications. Their chemicals can be found in our webshop.

They provide a comprehensive menu of standard laboratory chemicals for western blot, immunostaining, RNAi studies and other essential laboratory experiments. Tris (sc-3715), NaCl (sc-203274), HEPES (sc-29097), NaOH (sc-203387) and Glycine (sc-29096) are among the most widely used standard laboratory chemicals. These chemicals are required for conducting biological analysis.

In addition to their wide range of standard laboratory chemicals, they offer a variety of substrates, enzymes, activators and inhibitors. They can be used for cell signaling, apoptosis, cell cycle, cell adhesion, neurobiology and phosphorylation studies.

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