6 June 2023

Customized screening & profiling services for drug discovery

BPS Bioscience offers a wide range of assays and services. Save time by letting us screen your compounds of interest or determine IC50 values using our unique panel of biochemical or cell-based assays.

With their dedicated team of scientist experts, BPS Bioscience can provide customizable screening and profiling services to meet your unique specifications. Choose from over 600 in-house developed and quality control assays that span a number of formats, including chemiluminescent, fluorescent, colorimetric, luminescent, fluorescence polarization, TR-FRET, or AlphaLISA® assays. Whether it’s one or thousands of compounds, and whether it’s a single point or a titration curve to determine IC50, they can accommodate your varied requirements for identifying novel inhibitors. Simple screens with limited data points can be turned around quickly, typically in 2 weeks, while larger, more complex screens may take longer. Once completed, BPS provides a full report with detailed results including protocols, graphed data, and raw data points.

BPS Bioscience quality management system is ISO 9001:2015-certified, meaning that their processes are well-documented and controlled, they seek continuous improvement with everything they do, and they take action when corrections are required.

BPS Bioscience is uniquely positioned

Their 15+ years of assay development have culminated in series of distinctions from other service providers, including the following:

  • Platform options with variety of assay formats
  • First commercially available and largest histone demethylase panel, and over 20 unique histone methyltransferases
  • Complete PARP isozyme panel and unique PARP-trapping assays
  • Largest phosphodiesterase isozyme panel
  • First complete suite of HDAC and SIRT enzymes
  • Extensive SARS-CoV-2 assays, including 3CL Protease, RdRp, Papain-like Protease, and Spike:ACE2 binding assays.

Gain biological insight with BPS cell-based services

In addition to their biochemical assays, they offer a number of live cell assays that are effective at validating biochemical results or provide specific cell-based insights not typically available with biochemical assays. For example, their reporter cells are ideal for quantitative evaluation of signaling pathways and their ACE2-expressing cells can model infection with SARS-CoV-2 Spike pseudoviruses. BPS also provides a large panel of immunotherapy screening services, including TCR activator and immune checkpoint protein-expressing cells that can be used to identify antibodies and other molecules effective at blocking immune checkpoints. Lastly, they provide custom cell line development to help you create models for your desired target research.

Customized screening & profiling services for drug discovery

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