12 May 2022

Guidelines: Toxicity & Transfection

Discover how to deal with toxicity among the various methods of transfection.

A new application note from OZ Biosciences dedicated to transfection is now available.

Specialized in delivery vehicles for transfection and transduction, OZ Biosciences has spent lot of efforts in developing, synthesizing and formulating delivery carriers, aiming at transfecting cells with any kind of nucleic acids in an effective way while preserving viability.

This application note focuses on how to deal with toxicity among the various methods of transfection by addressing the following points:

  1. the careful design of our cationic lipid-based transfection reagents (TR) to be as biocompatible as possible;
  2. the new patented class of polymer that bypasses cellular activation and stress to enhance viability;
  3. how an efficient optimization can reduce TR-induced toxicity;
  4. the Magnetofection™ technology that allows to lower nucleic acid doses for a more efficient transfection with reduced toxicity;
  5. the benefit of using Magnetofection™ as a complement to TR to increase efficiency while lowering toxicity of classic delivery vehicles and appears as an alternative to other physical methods of transfection such as electroporation.

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