21 May 2024

HemaVision®: Diagnostic tool for Leukemia screening

A CE-IVD marked diagnostic tool which screens for 28 chromosomal translocations associated with Leukemia.


  • 28 translocations screened simultaneously
  • Sensitive qPCR method
  • Qualitative detection
  • Fast analyse time (only 4 hours)
  • Simple and rapid protocol
  • Tested and validated (CE-IVD marked)
  • Globally used for the initial screening of patients
  • Master mixes are delivered pre-aliquoted into the tubes for your qPCR instrument
  • Controls included in the run – only one run per sample

HemaVision® is an aid to diagnosis meant for the initial screening.

Our customers say:

“The HemaVision® kit allows us to obtain fast results and to give important information for the diagnosis and prognosis.

“HemaVision® has easier handling through ready to use mixes, faster and more concrete results.”

“The HemaVision® workflow is reliable, robust and easy test.”

Two HemaVision® panels

DNA Diagnostic A/S produces HemaVision in two panels:
HemaVision-7Q detects 7 of the most predominant translocations.
HemaVision-28Q detects 28 translocations. Predominant once translocations, as well as many rare translocations.

del(1)(p32) (STIL::TAL1) 
t(1;11) (p32;q23.3) (KMT2A::EPS15) 
t(1;11) (q21;q23.3) (KMT2A::MLLT11) 
t(1;19) (q23;p13) (TCF3::PBX1)t(1;19) (q23;p13) (TCF3::PBX1)
t(3;5) (q25;q34) (NPM1::MLF1) 
t(3;21) (q26;q22) (RUNX1::MECOM) 
t(4;11) (q21;q23.3) (KMT2A::AFF1)t(4;11) (q21;q23) (KMT2A::AFF1)
t(5;12) (q33;p13) (ETV6::PDGFRB) 
t(5;17) (q35;q21) (NPM1::RARA) 
t(6;9) (p23;q34) (DEK::NUP214) 
t(6;11) (q27;q23.3) (KMT2A::AFDN) 
t(8;21) (q22;q22) (RUNX1::RUNX1T1)t(8;21) (q22;q22) (RUNX1::RUNX1T1)
t(9;9) (q34;q34) (SET::NUP214) 
t(9;11) (p21.3;q23.3) (KMT2A::MLLT3) 
t(9;12) (q34;p13) (ETV6::ABL1) 
t(9,22) (q34;q11) (BCR::ABL1)t(9,22) (q34;q11) (BCR::ABL1)
t(10;11) (p12;q23.3) (KMT2A::MLLT10) 
t(11;17) (q23.3;q21) (KMT2A::MLLT6) 
t(11;17) (q23;q21) (ZBTB16::RARA) 
t(11;19) (q23.3;p13.1) (KMT2A::ELL) 
t(11;19) (q23.3;p13.3) (KMT2A::MLLT1) 
t(12;21) (p13;q22) (ETV6::RUNX1)t(12;21) (p13;q22) (ETV6::RUNX1)
t(12;22) (p13;q12) (ETV6::MN1) 
t(15;17) (q24;q21) (PML::RARA)t(15;17) (q24;q21) (PML::RARA)
inv(16) (p13;q22) (CBFB::MYH11)inv(16) (p13;q22) (CBFB::MYH11)
t(16;21) (p11;q22) (FUS::ERG) 
t(17;19) (q22;p13) (TCF3::HLF) 
t(X;11) (q13;q23.3) (KMT2A::FOXO4) 
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HemaVision®: Diagnostic tool for Leukemia screening

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