25 January 2022

HemaVision® Leukemia Screening Tool

We see an increased demand for a reliable screening tool to detect chromosomal translocations associated with Leukemia.

This can be achieved by HemaVision, fast and efficiently, by a simple and rapid protocol. HemaVision screens for 28 translocations simultaneously. An ideal CE-IVD marked tool for the initial screening of patients with Leukemia.


HemaVision®-28Q is a screening tool for the initial screening of Leukemia patients. The analysis time is 4 hours, includes only 2 pipetting steps and a final interpretation step. The kit is ready-to-use upon delivery; the cDNA mix and qPCR mixes are pre-aliquoted into the tubes, of which the qPCR tubes fit your qPCR instrument of choice.

This kit gives you an ideal foundation for making a fast diagnosis of your patient, since it screens for 28 translocations simultaneously.

HemaVision®-28Q (HV01-28Q)
HemaVision® products are CE-IVD marked and have received a Free Sales Document.

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