25 January 2022

Life is too short to not go fast – SolisFAST®

In this modern world people want quick answers and fast solutions, which can only be achieved by speeding up the experiments. SolisFAST® has a match for every application, so why go slow when you can go fast?

There is something for everybody

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was first used to amplify genomic material. Sounds simple right? Now there are so many applications and possibilities that it has gotten quite difficult to decide which PCR product to use.

SolisFAST® product range includes endpoint master mixes, probe-based qPCR master mixes and dye-based qPCR master mixes, so there is something for everybody. In addition, to whichever product you choose, you can be sure to get a quick result.

Duration of a 40-cycle qPCR run with standard thermal conditions using regular qPCR mix and fast thermal conditions using SolisFAST® Probe qPCR Master Mix. Amplifications were performed on human gDNA.

Science behind the product

Solis BioDyne is excited to share that their recent data shows SolisFAST® probe qPCR mixes being quite tolerant to some common PCR inhibitors and comparable with other inhibitor tolerant mixes on the market, however with much faster reaction speed. But that is not all – SolisFAST® products contain oligo-hot-start DNA polymerase which is activated with as short as 30 seconds of hot-start treatment. There will be no non-specific amplification during reaction setup since the specially modified DNA polymerase won’t work until heated at 95 °C in the PCR machine. In addition, due to Stability TAG technology all the master mixes have an enhanced stability at room temperature with no activity loss up to 1 month, so you don’t have to worry about not using ice while preparing your samples.

To save more of your time it’s also possible to choose between singleplex and multiplex options. With fast cycling endpoint PCR you can go up to 18-plex, with fast probe-based qPCR up to 5-plex. UNG is also available premixed in endpoint and probe-based qPCR mixes to avoid repeating the experiment due to PCR carry-over contamination.

Environment and wallet friendly

Thanks to the Stability TAG technology, all the products are room temperature stable and can be shipped without ice, making packages, shipping fees and your carbon footprint smaller.

Remember FAST

  • Fast – less time from sample to results
  • Accurate – reliable results in single- and multiplex assays
  • Stable – 30-day stability at room temperature
  • Trustworthy – avoid carry-over contamination with UNG mixes and get reliable results in Sanger sequencing applications

Fast cycling endpoint PCR:

Fast probe-based qPCR:

Fast dye-based qPCR:

Need something custom and out-of-the-box?

Please contact our technical support or sales@solisbiodyne.com if you have a specific requirement but cannot find the best solution among catalog products. They may be able to offer you bulk products, tailored product sizes, and formats, or specific formulations. Solis BioDyne is flexible and dedicated to meeting your needs!

Life is too short to not go fast – SolisFAST®

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