DNA Diagnostic

Fast diagnostic kits for screening of Leukemia-associated translocations

DNA Diagnostic A/S is the manufacturer of HemaVision®, a range of diagnostic kits for screening of translocations associated with Leukemia.

The HemaVision® range can detect up to 28 translocations in just 4 hours, ensuring fast diagnostics and subsequent treatment. HemaVision screens for the most common, as well as rare, translocations and fusion genes.

DNA Diagnostic A/S believes the world deserves fast, cost-effective and reliable diagnostics.

DNA Diagnostic A/S is ISO 13485 certified. HemaVision® products are CE IVD marked and have received a Free Sales Document.

HemaVision® products of DNA Diagnostic

HemaVision®-28Q (HV01-28Q)
HemaVision®-7Q (HV01-7Q)
HemaVision®-28N (HV01-28N)
HemaVision®-Screen (HV01-Screen)
HemaVision®-7 (HV01-7)
HemaVision®-9;22N (HV02-922N)
HemaVision®-8;21N (HV02-821N)
HemaVision®-15;17N (HV02-1517N)
HemaVision®-inv16N (HV02-16N)
HemaVision® -5;12N (HV02-512N)
HemaVision®-1;19 (HV03-119)
HemaVision®-4;11 (HV03-411)
HemaVision®-8;21 (HV03-821)
HemaVision®-12;21 (HV03-1221)
HemaVision®-inv16 (HV03-16)
HemaVision® reagents module* (HV04-RM)
HemaVision®-7 positive controls (HV05-7PC)
HemaVision®-Q positive controls (HV05-PCQ)
HemaVision® reagents module with DNA Polymerase* (HV06-RMP)

HemaVision® Leukemia Screening Tool

We see an increased demand for a reliable screening tool to detect chromosomal translocations associated with Leukemia. This can be achieved by HemaVision, fast and efficiently, by a simple and rapid protocol.

Bio-Connect Diagnostics supplies HemaVision® products in the Benelux. If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk.

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