1 March 2022

Non-animal source multiclonal recombinant secondary antibodies

AdipoGen multiclonals are carefully selected animal-free recombinant monoclonal secondary antibodies. They provide specificity, sensitivity, and reproducibility, ideal for diagnostic and research applications.

Multiclonals are recombinant secondary antibodies developed by AdipoGen Life Sciences innovative partner Abcalis. They consist of defined mixtures of carefully selected individual recombinant monoclonal antibodies, recognizing different epitopes on all four different subclasses of human IgG. Their respective epitope binding sites do not compete with each other, therefore amplifying signal strengths. Multiclonals are an ideal solution for secondary antibody applications where a polyclonal antibody would traditionally be used, and are able to provide the specificity and reproducibility only available from a recombinant antibody, making them an ideal alternative for diagnostic and research applications.

Benefits of multiclonal antibodies

  • Sequence-defined and long-term availability
  • High target-specificity
  • A robust replacement
  • Animal-free

Say no to polyclonal 2nd antisera disadvantages such as limited batch sizes, batch-to-batch variations, no long-term reproducibility, undefined composition, and unknown constituents. Start using multiclonal secondary antibodies.

anti-IgG (human), mAb (rec.) Multiclonal (AG-27B-6300)
anti-IgG (human), mAb (rec.) Multiclonal (HRP) (AG-27B-6300E)

AdipoGen Life Sciences and Abcalis offer their proprietary Recombinant Antibody Technology for customized development of recombinant monoclonal antibodies for research purposes. Contact us for more information or quotes.

Non-animal source multiclonal recombinant secondary antibodies

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