1 February 2018

Primary Cancer Culture System

A complete defined and animal-component free cell culture solution designed for the selective culture of malignant cells derived from primary tumors or patient-derived xenografts.

PromoCell’s Primary Cancer Culture System is a standardized, defined and animal component-free (D-ACF) system for the isolation and culture of human primary tumor cells. The medium was designed to be the first universally applicable in vitro cell culture solution for the isolation and long-term culture of primary human malignancies, e.g. from patient tumor samples or patient-derived xenografts (PDX).

An innovative solution for culturing primary cancer cells

Due to precise stromal control, prolonged culture allows for functional selection of malignant cells. This principle enables access to an enriched population of primary cancer cells. The selection process dispenses with the use of toxic agents. Since on the cellular level malignancy itself is the only selection criterion, the cell diversity of the cancerous subpopulations of the original tumor is preserved.

Key features

  • Perform up to five primary tumor isolations with one medium kit
  • Successfully prevent stroma overgrowth when isolating fresh tumor samples
  • Establish a culture of pure malignant cells within 4-6 weeks
  • Culture PDX tumor models in vitro
  • Defined and animal component-free formulation


The Primary Cancer Culture System can also be used for other applications, e.g. enriching cell lines or depleting of stromal cells and other non-cancerous cells form established primary cancer cell cultures.

Primary Cancer Culture System (C-28081)

Isolation and culture of primary human cancer cells from tumor specimens using the Primary Cancer Culture System.

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