13 February 2019

Protein A, Mix-N-Go™ ELISA Kits

The gold standard in residual protein A impurity analysis

The Cygnus Technologies Mix-N-Go™ ELISA kits are designed to perform with most natural and recombinant protein A constructs and incorporate the revolutionary single step sample treatment procedure. These kits also reduce the complexity of the assay and time to result while increasing the robustness of the method over traditional protein A ELISAs.

  • No boiling and no centrifugation—less equipment & calibration
  • Faster time to results—up to 2 hours less than other kits
  • Better precision—fewer steps, fewer errors

Protein A, Mix-N-Go™ ELISA kits

Protein A Mix-N-Go™ ELISA Kit (F600)
Protein A Mix-N-Go™ ELISA Kit for UnNatural Protein A Constructs (F610)
Protein A Mix-N-Go™ ELISA Kit for Amsphere™ ligands (F740)
Tosoh R40 and R28 Protein A Mix-N-Go™ ELISA (F910)

Protein A ELISA kits

Protein A ELISA Kit (F050)
Protein A-H ELISA Kit (Human IgG) (F050H)
Protein A ELISA Kit (F400)
Protein A ELISA Kit (F400Z)
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