13 November 2013

Retroviral expression systems

Cell Biolabs offers a broad portfolio of retroviral expression systems for stem cells

Cell Biolabs platinum retroviral expression systems contain expression vectors that have been optimized for superior infection of stem cells. These complete expression systems contain a packaging cell, an optimized cloning/expression vector, and a GFP reporter plasmid. The pantropic expression systems also include a VSVG envelope vector. Specially optimized systems are available for expression in stem cells. Cloning vectors and packaging cell lines are also available separately.

Retroviral vectors are useful for stable gene expression, but traditional methods usually result in low viral titers. Cell Biolabs platinum retroviral expression systems incorporate superior packaging cell lines and vector technologies to produce high-titer retrovirus with a single plasmid transfection.

Average titers achieved with platinum retroviral expression systems are 107 IFU/mL with transient transfection. Systems are available to make amphotropic, ecotropic, or pantropic (VSVG-pseudotyped) retrovirus, each of which are designed to infect cells of certain species:

Human+++ +++
N.S. = Not Suitable

NOTE: Platinum retroviral expression systems are available for sale to academic, government and non-profit research laboratories. All other purchasers require a commercial license for all fields including research use

Platinum packaging cell lines contain the gag and pol genes, along with either an ecotropic (Plat-E) or amphotropic (Plat-A) envelope protein. Simply transfect a single vector containing your gene of interest. If you prefer using a more universal envelope protein, choose one of our pantropic expression systems which include a VSV-G vector.

Available retroviral expression systems

Platinum Retroviral Expression System, Ecotropic (VPK-300)
Platinum Retroviral Expression System, Amphotropic (VPK-301)
Platinum Retroviral Expression System, Pantropic (VPK-302)
Platinum-E Retroviral Packaging Cell Line, Ecotropic (RV-101)
Platinum-A Retroviral Packaging Cell Line, Amphotropic (RV-102)
Platinum-GP Retroviral Packaging Cell Line, Pantropic (RV-103)
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