BioLamina is a Swedish biotechnology company, offering an expansive portfolio of chemically defined and animal component-free laminin proteins for a variety of applications, including reliable expansion of pluripotent cell and differentiation and maintenance of specialized cell types, such as hepatocytes, skeletal muscle cells and different neural cells.

BioLamina’s Biolaminins™ are the only original full length, human, recombinant laminin cell culture substrates on the market and the impact of our Biolaminin matrices on cell culture quality has been scientifically validated in many high-impact journals.

Bio-Connect supplies all BioLamina products in the Benelux. If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk.

Major product lines

  • Defined and xeno-free laminin-based cell culture matrices
    - Animal stem cells
    - Cancer cells
    - Cardiac applications
    - Clonal applications
    - Endothelial applications
    - Epithelial applications
    - Expansion of human PSC
    - Eye applications
    - Hepatic applications
    - Intestinal applications
    - Kidney cell culture
    - Lung applications
    - Neural applications
    - Pancreatic applications
    - Skeletal muscle applications

BioLamina news

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