26 June 2024

Bio-Connect attends BioLamina’s distributor training in Stockholm

BioLamina, a supplier of world-class Biolaminin®, hosted their first ever distributor training session in their manufacturing facility in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our Supplier Manager Eline had the opportunity to visit BioLamina’s core manufacturing facility. BioLamina offers an extensive portfolio of human recombinant cell culture substrates for a variety of applications in both 2D and 3D. Biolaminin® is specifically designed to support enhanced cell performance by providing a biologically relevant matrix that mimics the authentic ECM-cell interaction. This unique feature enables Biolaminin® to make a significant difference in the cell functionality in ex vivo cell cultures.

Full-length laminins are essential for cells in the body

Full-length laminins are essential for cells in the body. Full-length Biolaminin-521 LN enables efficient single-cell passaging of genetically stable and pluripotent stem cells without the need for any apoptosis inhibitors, ensuring superior quality for your cells and studies. By producting of different laminin isoforms, BioLamina offers more biorelevant Biolaminin® to allow for more efficient differentiation, cell maturation, and organization of specialized cell types.

Tissue-specific cell culture matrices infographic
Xeno-free and defined keratinocyte culture brochure

This wide variety of Biolaminin protein isoforms can be added to various organoid culture systems to support the phenotypic behavior, appearance, and cell attachment. In addition to this, BioLamina’s Biosilk, a 3D culture substrate made from recombinant spider silk protein (link naar product), provides a defined 3D culture network that promotes long-term cell survival without cell encapsulation.

BioLamina – from concept to commercialized therapy.

In addition to  BioLamina’s portfolio of various human recombinant laminin isoforms, they also provide Cell Therapy Grade (CTG) products designed for clinical research. These CTG products are supported with more extensive quality control, and are animal-free to the secondary level, providing a clinical-grade product designed to support scientists throughout their cell therapy development process.  

Did you know BioLamina is the only producer in the world for full length laminins? Go and check their products here or reach out in case you have any questions: contact our technical support team.

Bio-Connect attends BioLamina’s distributor training in Stockholm

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