4 October 2022

Biosynth – the new brand for Biosynth Carbosynth

Biosynth Carbosynth and their recent acquisitions vivitide and Pepscan have rebranded to Biosynth.

Where chemistry meets biology, products meet services and innovation meets quality, Biosynth secures life science supply chains with manufacture and supply of high quality products.

Biosynth’s range of products has expanded to cover even more complex chemical, peptide and biological reagent for life sciences research. The new brand helps demonstrate the growing modern, global company working at the Edge of Innovation.

Biosynth specialties

Complex chemical products and peptides

Biosynth take pride in delivering products and projects where other suppliers struggle. They synthesize and source, problem solving to… They specialize in the chemistry of carbohydrates, nucleosides and enzyme substrates, and excel in peptides, from discovery and optimization and libraries and GMP NCEs and neoantigens.

Biology meets chemistry

Biosynth has a growing range of biologically active peptides, antibodies, proteins, enzymes and reagents for Life Science Research. Their custom monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production complements epitope mapping abilities, along with their key reagents for diagnostics that includes viral and bacterial antigens and antisera and plasma. Biosynth’s wide array of enzymes focus on biocatalysis, allowing a synergistic project approach to both chemical and biological production of key products.

Key biologics

Across biologics Biosynth has a synergistic offering, with an extensive range of custom bioprocessing enzyme projects for production of key products. They are also able to offer custom antibody projects, and epitope mapping. Through the Biosynth group they also offer development of antibodies, antigens and supply of plasma for in vitro diagnostics.

Widest range of research products

Biosynth is the supplier of choice for many in the pharmaceutical, life sciences, food, agrochemistry, cosmetic and diagnostic sectors. They manufacture and source a vast range of chemical and biochemical products and specialize in carbohydrates, nucleosides, and enzyme substrates along with natural products. Their extensive range of Life Sciences products include ligands, peptides, phospholipids, antimicrobials and buffers. For organic chemistry, they have an unrivalled range of intermediates, building blocks, impurities and coupling reagents.


Biosynth was founded in 1966 by Hans Spitz, and has grown to a global products and services business. Biosynth merged with Carbosynth in 2019 to form Biosynth Carbosynth, creating a world leader in carbohydrates, nuclesosides and enzyme substrates. In 2022 Biosynth Group acquired both vivitide and Pepscan, which strengthened the offering in peptide manufacturing services and catalog products. Also in 2022 Biosynth Group acquired Aalto Bio Reagents, expanding the range of biological products and key raw materials for clinical diagnotics including antigens and antibodies, as well as EUCODIS Bioscience, experts in Enzyme development. Following these acquisitons, the company returned to the Biosynth brand.

Biosynth – the new brand for Biosynth Carbosynth

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