13 June 2023

Cardiac safety biomarker kits for translational research and drug discovery

Biomedica offers ELISA kits for the reliable quantification of the cardiac biomarkers NT-proBNP and NT-proANP both in human and rodent samples.

These peptides have proven to be excellent biomarkers for use in preclinical toxicology studies.

The natriuretic peptides NT-proANP and NT-proBNP are cardiac hormones that are secreted when the heart muscle stretches. These peptides can be measured in blood specimens and have been employed as functional cardiac biomarkers in both human and preclinical settings (ref. 1, 2).

NT-proBNP and NT-proANP – markers of drug-induced hypertrophy in rats

Cardiac toxicity is one of the responsible factors for preclinical safety failures during drug development. Tools that help to predict and characterize these toxicities are the translational biomarkers NT-proANP and NT-proBNP.

The utility of NT-proANP for the detection of cardiovascular injury has been demonstrated in a cross-laboratory comparison study in rats with the Biomedica NT-proANP ELISA (BI-20892) assay (ref. 3). In brief, the assay was evaluated by the Predictive Safety Testing Consortium, Cardiac Hypertrophy Working Group (PSTC—CHWG) in a cross-laboratory (5 laboratories) analytical assessment for use with rat samples. In summary, the assay has proven to be robust and technically adequate for the detection of NT-proANP serum levels in SD rats.

NT-proANP ELISA assay (BI-20892) – Biomedica

features & benefits

  • 10 µl / well, serum or plasma
  • widely cited as cardiovascular safety biomarker in rats
  • for use in human and non-human samples (high cross-reactivity between species)

Rat NT-proBNP ELISA assay (BI-1204R) – Biomedica –NEW

features & benefits

  • 10 µl / well,  serum or plasma
  • kit control included
  • sample values provided

Also available: Human NT-proBNP ELISA assay (SK-1204) – Biomedica

Biomedica high quality guaranteed

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Cardiac safety biomarker kits for translational research and drug discovery

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