16 February 2023

FTLD detection with a new mAb-based human Progranulin ELISA kit

AdipoGen Life Sciences’ Progranulin (human) ELISA Kit (mAb/mAb) has been thoroughly validated and provided a sensitivity and specificity of 100% for detecting GRN mutations in an FTLD patient cohort.

New Progranulin (human) ELISA Kit (mAb/mAb) – Reliable & cost-effective

Mutations in progranulin (GRN) have been reported to cause FTLD through haploinsufficiency. Mutations in GRN account for 5-10% of all the FTLD cases, leading to an approximately 50% reduction of the precursor protein progranulin. Decreased levels of progranulin protein predict GRN mutations, even in pre-symptomatic carriers more than four decades before disease onset. Screening of individuals with GRN mutations can be made by progranulin measurement in serum and plasma using ELISAs and confirmed by molecular analysis of the GRN gene.

The new Progranulin (human) ELISA Kit (mAb/mAb) (Prod. No. AG-45B-0027) is a sandwich ELISA for the specific quantitative determination of human progranulin in serum, plasma and cell culture supernatants. This ELISA kit shows both high specificity and high sensitivity of 100% for detecting GRN mutations in an FTLD patient cohort, which makes this ELISA kit an ideal assay to improve the precision of progranulin analysis in the screening of GRN mutations.

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Sensitivity, Limit of Detection: 0.06 ng/ml
Specificity: Validated on Mutated and Null GRN plasma samples. Detects human Progranulin in cell culture supernatant, serum and plasma samples.
Range: 0.063 ng/ml – 4 ng/ml
Intra-assays and inter-assays: <9%

Concentrations of progranulin plasma levels in FTLD and healthy samples:

Using the new mAb-based ELISA kit (AG-45B-0027), plasma progranulin levels in FTLD-GRN are lower (~28 ng/ml) compared to controls (~98 ng/ml).

ROC curve of the new ELISA Kit:

ROC analysis shows that at a threshold of 55 ng/ml plasma progranulin measured with ELISA Kit (AG-45B-0027) discriminates FTLD-GRN patients from controls with 100% sensitivity and 100% specificity.

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FTLD detection with a new mAb-based human Progranulin ELISA kit

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