6 December 2022

Nano-formulated sterile aqueous solutions of active compounds

Adipogen Life Sciences introduces Actives in Lipodisq™ which are biosynthetic, detergent-free, water-soluble novel polymer nanoparticles with stable and bioavailable encapsulated bioactive ingredients!

Lipodisq™ are novel lipid/polymer nanoparticles that have been developed as mimics of naturally-occurring high-density lipoproteins (HDL). Lipodisq™ particles are in the size range of 11 to 40 nm in diameter enabling enhanced penetration and diffusion into membranes. These nanodisc lipid particles are composed of a hydrophilic shell and hydrophobic core in which hydrophobic active agents can be carried and protected.

The size and shape of the chaperone molecule is a critical factor in Lipodisq™ formation and also defines the properties of the particle, i.e. particle size and/or its biodegradability. Internal properties of the phospholipid membrane support the disposition and stabilization of drug molecule candidates and preserve the native conformation of membrane-bound molecules. The resulting encapsulated actives are rendered water-soluble and optimized for intracellular penetration/delivery via endosomal uptake mechanisms.

Figure: Nanoparticle (11-40 nm) drug delivery system comprising a discoidal phospholipid bilayer membrane stabilized by an annular chaperone molecule.

Compounds powered by Lipodisq™ features

  • Actives in Lipodisq™ are biosynthetic water-soluble nanodiscs prepared under SOPs using selected optimized lipid compositions for stable, high-loading capacity of encapsulated active ingredients.
  • Actives in Lipodisq™ are detergent-free nano-formulations made of styrene-maleic acid copolymer-lipid particles (SMALP).
  • Actives in Lipodisq™ retain the biological activity of the active compound with enhanced bioavailability.
  • Lipodisq™ solutions show a good safety profile and are suitable for in vitro and in vivo investigations.

Special features of Innaxon compounds powered by Lipodisq™

  • >1011 particles per ml as determined by Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS).
  • Tested in cell culture (human macrophage cell line as tested by MTT viability test).
  • Formulations are soluble in water, PBS, Tris and other physiological solutions as formulated in a proprietary, thermostable, aqueous lipid nanoparticulate formulation.
  • Formulations are certified sterile solutions with a physiological pH range.

Selection of antiviral and immunomodulating compounds powered by Lipodisq™:

New Ready-to-use Nano-formulated Aqueous Solutions (1 mg/ml)

Literature references

Not for cosmetic, diagnostic or therapeutic human or veterinary use!

Nano-formulated sterile aqueous solutions of active compounds

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