1 December 2022

MedChem Express Diversity Compound Libraries are available

MCE provides 50K Diversity Library (HY-L901) and 5K Scaffold Library (HY-L902), which are the most suitable starting libraries for phenotypic and target-based HTS to drive your chemistry screening project.

50K Diversity Library (HY-L901) ↗

A representative diversity set.
The perfect balance of library size and compound diversity!

5K Scaffold Library (HY-L902) ↗

Each compound represents one unique scaffold.
One of the most cost-effective libraries.

Figure 1: Comparison of tanimoto coefficient between E brand and MCE: ranges from 0 to +1 (where +1 is the highest similarity)

High diversity

50K Diversity Library

  • 50,000 compounds, 36,857 unique scaffolds (Bemis-Murcko)
  • Each scaffold 1 to 7 compounds
  • Average tanimoto coeffificient of 0.508

5K Scaffold Library

  • 5,000 compounds, 5,000 unique scaffolds (Bemis-Murcko)
  • Average tanimoto coeffificient of 0.28
  • Maximum structural diversity

High hit probability

  • All the compounds are drug-like, conforming to “Lipinski’s Rule of Five”
Figure 2: Physicochemical Properties of 50K Diversity Library

High reliability

  • PAINS motifs or other inappropriate chemical structures removed
  • NMR and HPLC validated to ensure high quality and purity (≥90%)

Convenient and time-saving

  • Pre-plates of 10 mM in DMSO solutions

Excessive resupply with short delivery time

MedChem Express Diversity Compound Libraries are available

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