7 July 2022

Guidelines: Choice of adjuvant in vaccination trials

This application note from OZ Biosciences describes the various adjuvants currently used in vaccinology.

Numerous tumors and infectious diseases could be eradicated by adjuvant’s ability to intensify and modulate the immune response appropriately. In particular, the capacity of specifically inducing a Th1 type response is decisive for the cure of these diseases.

Moreover, the new adjuvants should be as free as possible from side effects as possible in order to be considered for clinical translation.

The purpose of this application note is to present the various adjuvants currently used in vaccinology, by classifying them according to their chemical nature and by exposing the knowledge for each category relating to their activity & toxicity.

OZ Biosciences launched the VaxOZ adjuvant product line. Perfect as gold standard references and for any immunization experiment, they can also be customized with your own immunostimulant.

  • Adjuvants for protein-based vaccines
    • Aluminum Gels
    • AlumVax Hydroxide
    • AlumVax Phosphate
  • Freund’s Adjuvant
    • IFAVax
    • CFAVax
  • Squalene Emulsion
    • SqualVax
  • Cationic Liposome-DOTAP
    • CaLiVax-DOTAP Adjuvant
  • Surface Reactive Liposome
    • LipoVax NTA(Ni) Vaccine Adjuvant
  • Adjuvants for mRNA & DNA-based vaccines
    • CaLiVax-DOTAP Adjuvant
    • PolyVax-CPO Vaccine Adjuvant
    • CNE-CPO Vaccine Adjuvant

Guidelines: Choice of adjuvant in vaccination trials

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