24 May 2022

IL-2 monomeric proteins with enhanced activity & stability

AdipoGen Life Sciences offers a panel of unique monomeric IL-2 cytokines with enhanced activity and protein stability using the Knobs-into-Holes technology, important for immuno-oncology and cell therapy research.

The monomeric IL-2:Fc-KIH (human) (rec.) proteins are produced by using two different vectors, one encoding for the IL-2:Fc Knobs sequence (synthesizing a protein of 45kDa) and one encoding for the Fc Holes sequence (synthesizing a protein of 28kDa). Both vectors transfected into HEK293 cells produce both Fc molecules (Knobs-into-Holes technology; J.B. Ridgway, et al.; Protein Eng. 9, 617 (1996)) required for dimerization and for secretion of the final protein IL-2 (monomeric):Fc-KIH (human) (rec.).

Monomeric IL-2:Fc-KIH (human) (rec.) proteins

IL-2 Superkine H9T (monomeric):Fc-KIH (human) (rec.) (AG-40B-0223)
IL-2 Superkine (monomeric):Fc-KIH (human) (rec.) (AG-40B-0222)
IL-2 (human) (monomeric):Fc-KIH (human) (rec.) (AG-40B-0224)
IL-2 (mouse) (monomeric):Fc-KIH (human) (rec.) (AG-40B-0225)
Monomeric IL-2 structure

Monomeric IL-37:Fc-KIH & IL-38:Fc-KIH (human) (rec.) proteins

IL-37 (human) (monomeric):Fc-KIH (human) (rec.) (AG-40B-0221)
IL-38 (aa 20-152) (human) (monomeric):Fc-KIH (human) (rec.) (AG-40B-0226)
IL-38 (aa 3-152) (mouse) (monomeric):Fc-KIH (human) (rec.) (AG-40B-0227)

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IL-2 monomeric proteins with enhanced activity & stability

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