3 February 2022

Insulin – An evolving hormone

Insulin therapy has truly evolved since the discovery of insulin in 1921. New devices and innovations for greater flexibility are necessary to meet the challenges that diabetes poses to individuals and society.

Mercodia has proven to be a central player when it comes to insulin measurements. Mercodia’s first product, and still a best-seller, is the Human Insulin ELISA. Over 10 million samples have been analyzed using this assay across the globe. It is a high-quality ELISA with little or no cross-reactivity to insulin analogs or rat or mouse insulin and comes with full cross-reactivity data.

Top scores for the Mercodia Insulin ELISA

Measurement of circulating insulin may improve the classification and management of diabetes and assist in treating people with insulin resistance.

Mercodia’s Insulin ELISA was the only ELISA to satisfy the total measurement error requirement in the American Diabetes Association-sponsored Insulin Standardization Work Group Study: Toward Standardization of Insulin Immunoassays.


Rodents play an important role in diabetes research

And Mercodia offers several assays to measure rodent insulin. Just like the Human Insulin ELISA, the rodent insulin assays are based on monoclonal antibodies which ensure minimal lot-to-lot variation while affording sample volumes as low as 5 uL.

You can also combine the Human Insulin ELISA with the Mouse Insulin ELISA to perform specific determinations of insulin from each species in the same sample. This could be particularly helpful when performing adoptive transfer experiments with human cells into recipient mice.

Explore Mercodia’s Insulin ELISAs

Bovine Insulin ELISA (10-1201-01)
Canine Insulin ELISA (10-1203-01)
Equine Insulin ELISA (10-1205-01)
Feline Insulin ELISA (10-1233-01)
High Range Rat Insulin ELISA (10-1145-01)
Human Insulin ELISA (10-1113-01)
Human Insulin ELISA, 10 x 96 wells (10-1113-10)
Ultrasensitive Human Insulin ELISA (10-1132-01)
Human Iso-Insulin ELISA (10-1128-01)
Human Proinsulin ELISA (10-1118-01)
Mouse Insulin ELISA (10-1247-01)
Mouse Insulin ELISA, 10 x 96 wells (10-1247-10)
Ovine (sheep) Insulin ELISA (10-1202-01)
Porcine Insulin ELISA (10-1200-01)
Rat Insulin ELISA (10-1250-01)
Rat Insulin ELISA, 10 x 96 wells (10-1250-10)
Ultrasensitive Rat Insulin ELISA (10-1251-01)
Rat/Mouse Proinsulin ELISA (10-1232-01)

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