27 October 2022

microRNAs and their amazing potential

  • Molecular regulators, enriched and stable in biofluids
  • Tissue-specific markers
  • Pathological processes alter expression profile
  • Simply perfect biomarkers!

The new generation of biomarkers with tissue specificity, high stability, and sensitivity toward any pathological changes, those are microRNAs. Bio-Connect Diagnostics in cooperation with BioVendor brings a unique patented quantification platform with superior performance that will provide you with exact quantification data. Two-Tailed qPCR brings special hemiprobic RT primers which ensure highly specific cDNA library production. This specific template enters the qPCR reaction with two target-specific qPCR primers. Thus, both reactions, reverse transcription as well as qPCR are very specific and due to the highly effective polymerase, the method is also highly sensitive. Experience the amazing world of microRNA with the perfect tool, TT-qPCR.

Two-Tailed cDNA Synthesis System 50 rxn (RDTTRT50)
Two-Tailed qPCR Master Mix 150 rxn (RDTTPCR150)
TT synthetic miRNA cel-miR-54-3p (TTK00000253)

Bio-Connect Diagnostics supplies BioVendor products in the Benelux. If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk.

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