9 April 2024

Recombinant Antibodies for Cancer Immunotherapy Research

With the rise of antibodies as cancer therapeutics, the right research tools are vital. Recombinant engineered antibodies against immune checkpoint targets like PD-1 and TIGIT can unlock research potential.

In cancer immunotherapy research, antibodies play a pivotal role in understanding immune cell regulation. With an increasing number of monoclonal antibody therapies entering clinical trials annually, researchers require advanced tools to harness immunotherapy’s full potential. Absolute Antibody addresses the growing demand for the right research tools by harnessing recombinant antibody technology to develop a comprehensive collection of engineered antibodies targeting clinically relevant proteins.

Benefits of Recombinant Immunotherapy Antibodies

Recombinant antibodies offer several benefits in cancer immunotherapy research:

  • Specificity: Recombinant antibodies can be engineered to target specific antigens present on cancer cells. This specificity minimizes off-target effects, reducing potential damage to healthy tissues.
  • Customizability: Researchers can modify recombinant antibodies into different species, isotypes and formats. This flexibility allows for the design of antibodies optimized for various applications and conditions.
  • Reduced Immunogenicity: Recombinant antibodies can be engineered to reduce immunogenicity, decreasing the likelihood of triggering an immune response. This is particularly important for long-term treatment regimens.
  • Engineering Possibilities: With complete biological definition comes endless potential for new multispecific formats, tailored versions that work synergistically with other treatments, and more.

Recombinant Tools for Immunotherapy Research

VivopureX™ Antibodies
To aid in the immunotherapy development path, VivopureX™ mouse-anti-mouse recombinant antibodies are engineered for improved in vivo performance in live mouse models, with Fc silencing and isotype switching for tailored therapeutic effects, and matched antibody species for reduced immunogenicity and longer serum half-life. Clinically relevant targets include PD-1, OX40, CTLA-4, TIGIT, VISTA, and more. We recently added 12 new engineered formats, expanding our collection to include even more antibodies for your research. See our VivopureX™ page for more information.

Research-Grade Biosimilars
 Our research-grade biosimilars grant access to immunotherapy research tools without the need to source and purchase costly therapeutic-grade biologics. We have engineered formats for added research potential, including human, rhesus monkey and cynomolgus monkey constant domains. Additionally, recombinant production allows for the creation of new biosimilars—all we need is a sequence. Key offerings include recombinant versions of the anti-erB-2 therapeutic trastuzumab and the anti-CD52 therapeutic Campath-1H.

Bispecific Antibodies
Engage two distinct targets with one antibody reagent with recombinant engineered murine bispecific antibodies, produced with high purity, low immunogenicity, and tailored effector function for in vivo applications in mouse models. Key offerings include a bispecific against HER2 and CD3e (bAb0183), and a bispecific against TRP-1 and CD3e (bAb0136).

Tumor Marker Antigens
Recombinant tumor marker antibodies allow for 100% biological definition, engineered Fc Silent™ formats for eliminated ADCC, and a variety of species and isotypes available to better address your research needs. Key offerings include Anti-A33 [huA33] and Anti-EGFRvIII [L8A4] recombinant antibodies.


The critical role of immunotherapy research antibodies in advancing cancer treatments is clear: the right tools can open a wide range of experimental possibilities. With technology like Fc Silent™ mutations to abrogate Fc region binding, species swapping for optimized in vivo performance, and the generation of bispecific antibodies, the wealth of problem-solving capabilities offered by recombinant antibodies is endless. With access to sophisticated tools like these, the field continues to make strides towards more effective and personalized immunotherapeutic solutions. If your unique research needs have yet to be met by the off-the-shelf antibodies that we have available, we offer custom services such as antibody engineering.

Recombinant Antibodies for Cancer Immunotherapy Research

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