24 November 2022

The MBeads Assay

A new high-throughput tool that enables high-specificity results from small sample volumes.

Make the most of your precious samples. MBeads enables a broader measuring range in the lowest sample volume. Use the MBeads Assay to reach the same specificity and quality you’ve come to expect from a Mercodia ELISA with a competitive price per data point.

  • High throughput (for use in 96 and 384 well plates)
  • Short and easy protocol, no dilutions
  • Low sample volume (5µL)
  • Adapted for manual or automatic procedures
  • Chemiluminescent detection for extra sensitivity

Research nowadays requires the measurement of multiple analytes in limited volumes. That is why Mercodia decided to create a new assay that could help researchers get the most out of their valuable samples.

The Total Insulin Northern Lights® MBeads Assay (10-1353-01) was developed based on the idea of reaching a broader detection range allowing the measurement of higher concentrations of insulin and avoiding sample dilutions. Surface-activated magnetic agarose beads were coupled with high-quality Mercodia antibodies allowing an increase in the detection surface of the assay which is moreover enhanced by the higher sensitivity of chemiluminescence.

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