Wide range of antibodies, ELISA kits and biochemicals to meet your needs

Biorbyt has a simple yet challenging mission: to provide the best service to the global scientific community.

As a team of scientists with many years of bench experience, they know first hand the issues you face every day. That’s why they work with some of the world’s finest researchers and academics to develop products of the highest quality. And that’s why Biorbyt carefully manufacture and meticulously test a wide range of reagents to meet your needs, whatever they are.

They also collaborate, swap ideas and offer reagents that have been extensively tested in areas some of their competitors can’t offer. So whether you need antibodies or ELISA kits, biochemicals or a custom request, you can depend on Biorbyt to do things differently.

Their strong distributor network means Biorbyt can deliver a dedicated service close to you, wherever you are.

Bio-Connect supplies all their products in the Benelux. If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk.

Major product lines from Biorbyt

  • Antibodies
  • Biology tools
  • ELISA kits
  • Proteins
  • Small molecules

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