7 July 2022

Lyophilization of biological samples

Send your biological sample to Biorbyt (10 samples up to 1ml) and we’ll freeze-dry it within 48 hrs and return the lyophilized product.

Biological research relies on reagents such as proteins, peptides, or DNA to carry out experiments. Researchers often require storing samples for a prolonged period. Storing a protein, for example, in a buffered solution is possible but might lead to degradation in the long term. One possible solution to this problem is freeze-drying or lyophilization. The sample is frozen at a temperature below -40 degrees. This is followed by the application of a vacuum at a specific temperature for sublimation to occur, evaporating the water in the frozen sample. This leaves behind a powdery sample which can be stored long-term or shipped at room temperature to other collaborating labs.

  1. Send the biological sample to Biorbyt (10 samples up to 1ml);
  2. Biorbyt will freeze-dry the sample within 48 hrs and return the lyophilized product;
  3. Store the product long-term or ship at room temperature.

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